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Education: A Day at School

Lesson Objectives: To practice talking about school activities, with focus on using adverbs of frequency.

Language Tasks and Questions:

Listen carefully to the comments above and answer some of these questions:

  1. What time does the student usually go to school?
    >> He/She goes to school at/around___________.
  2. How long does it take the student to get to school?
    >> It takes him/her about __________ to get school?
  3. What does the student sometimes eat for lunch?
    >> She/he eats _______________.
  4. Where does the student eat lunch?
    >> She/he eats _______________.
  5. What subjects does the student study at school?
    >> She/he studies _______________.
  6. What does the student often do after school?
    >> He/She currently lives in ________.
  7. When does the student cut classes?
    >> He/she sometimes cuts classes when ___________.

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