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Best Dating Ideas

Lesson Objectives: To discuss dating ideas that encourage positive relationships and communication.

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Language Tasks and Questions:

Listen carefully to any of the comments above and answer these questions for each person.

  1. What is the person's image of the ideal or perfect date?
    >> The man's/woman's image of the ideal date is ___________ (gerund) / is to __________. (infinitive)

  2. Where does he/she like to do on a date?
    >> He/she likes to ___________. (gerund)

  3. Which dating idea fits your personality the best?
    >> Going out (gerund) to a fancy restaurant fits my personality the best.
    >> Watching a live soccer game (gerund) would be the most interesting/exciting/rewarding to me.
    >> I like the idea of going sailing (gerund) on a lake sounds fun.

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